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RX-80 Shaped Hot Knives &  Hot Knives for Cutting Ribbon

These models are designed for cutting shaped ends into ribbon, webbing, slings, hook & loop, and other synthetics fabrics and materials. Shaped hot knives will cut and seal the ends into Standard or Custom shapes. Six standard knife shape types include: half round, V-shaped, bullet-nose, beveled, rounded corner, and tactical. Custom shapes can also be made to your specifications and are about 10% to 15% more expensive. All our knives are manufactured from either highly conductive brass alloy, or long-lasting stainless steel.

MATERIALS NOTICE: Most of these machines use thermal tooling made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any PVC. Please contact us for alternate tooling options.

Download Shaped Hot Knife brochure.

Download Hot Knives for Ribbon Cutting brochure.

webbing shaped end, shaped end cutter, webbing sealing machine
Standard Knife Shape Product Codes


Standard knife shapes are those which are most common and are less expensive to reproduce. We have designated six of the most common shapes with the following Knife Shape Product Codes:

Standard Knife Shapes (click images for specifications)

  • -BN_      Bulletnose, available for webbing in 1", 2" and 3" widths

  • -BV_      Beveled point, available in several widths and corner angles

  • -RB_      Half-round, or 'radius' end; available for most webbing widths

  • -RC_     Rounded corners, usually found on seatbelt and restraint systems

  • -TC_      Tactical and duty belt, incorporating an angled end

  • -V_ _      "V" shaped knives in single & double with different inside angles

  Custom Knives

  • -B33     Brass interchangeable and one-piece knives up to 3" wide

  • -S33     Stainless interchangeable knives up to 3" wide ​

  • -B44     Brass interchangeable and one-piece knives up to 4" wide

  • -S44     Stainless interchangeable knives up to 4" wide

Check out our new O-O (Uh-Oh) Online Store 

"O-O" stands for Obsolete & Over-runs. We often end up with custom shaped knife and punch tooling over-runs These items have been discounted and are available for purchase from our online store here.

Bullet-nose knife shape from NOVA TECH
Rounded end hot knife shapes from NOVA TECH
Beveled shape hot knives from NOVA TECH
Hot knife with rounded corners for seatbelt and harness straps
Single and double V shaped knives
RX-80-BN2 "Bulletnose" shaped hot knife


The BN2 is commonly used to cut shaped ends for belts used in safety harness and fall protection webbing. The BN2 will cut webbing up to 2.5" (64mm) wide with a rounded point and beveled sides as shown. 


Hot Knives for Bowmakers

Bowmaking V knife for ribbon

Model RX-80-V2S-RK

Manual hot knife with 3" / 80mm single V

Ideal for Cheer Bows and Ribbon Awards

RX-80-V2S & RX-80-V7S


The V2S and V7S are our most popular hot knife shapes. They is designed for cutting a "V" shaped end into ribbon for Cheer Bows and awards. Both knives are made from stainless steel and can cut materials up to 3" (76mm) wide. The V2S knife has a 90° inside angle and the V7S knife has a 100° inside angle. Other V knife shapes are also available.

Engraved baseplates are NOW STANDARD on all USA V knives for ribbon (see below)

Click here for a chart of standard stainless-steel "V" knives available. 


All single "V" knives now include an engraved baseplate for common US ribbon sizes as well as improved material guides. (NOT yet available in metric ribbon sizes).

V Cutter hot knife, bowmaking, cheerbow, ribbon
The RX-80-V2S Single "V" Hot Knife 
Cutting 1" ribbon
Replaceable Standard & Custom Shaped Knives


Replaceable hot knives are an option when knife wear requires, or if a different shape is needed. Replaceable knives can be precision machined from either stainless steel or brass plate. 

When replacing these knives, it's a good idea to clean the back of the knife and the surface of the heater block with very fine sandpaper to ensure efficient thermal contact.

We have supplied thousands of shaped knives in standard and custom shapes for many types of cutting applications. These are available as KNIVES only or as KNIFE ASSEMBLIES (see below)

RX-80-V2S "V" shaped knife plate


Standard interchange Stainless steel

single-V knife

US Air Force patch cutting knife


Custom 4" x 4" interchangealbebrass knife

for military patch Velcro

R80A-002-V2S V Knife assembly with heater


V-shaped hot knife assembly for models RX-80, RX-84

Standard & Custom Shaped Hot Knife Assemblies


Shaped hot knife assemblies can be supplied to retrofit other models of the RX-80, RX-84, RX-75, and RX-90 models. 

Hot knife assemblies generally include a knife, heater block, heater, and appropriate mounting hardware for your machine. We can often make knife assemblies for competitors models.

To obtain a quote for a custom knife assembly, we'll need the following information:

  • Knife shape (use our worksheet if needed)

  • Material type, size, thickness, etc.

  • Approximate quantity of pieces to be cut

  • NOVA TECH Webcutter Machine serial # 

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