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Options and Accessories

for RX-200 & RX-240 Series Automatic Strip Cutters

Choose from several optional attachments and accessories for the RX-200 and RX-240 (and some RX-100) Series Automatic Strip Cutting Machines.


All models are now progammed to accept a photocell for photo-registration cutting. All that is needed is the proper contrast photocell for the material to be cut. Also available is the option of attaching an automatic hot foil marking device. 

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Photo registration cutting of black logo on tan elastic

Photo registration cutting of black logo on tan elastic

Photocell Registration Cutting for Elastic & Webbing


Here is the RX-240-SCL automatic hot knife programmed to cut an elastic strap with a woven logo.


After making the needed length and search settings, the machine will perform the following steps automatically:

  • measure a set length (in this case, 200mm)

  • slow down and search for the registration mark within a  search window (50mm)

  • locate the leading edge of the logo on the material

  • index an additional user-defined length (25mm) to position the cut line at the knife


(This machine is running at only 10% speed to permit viewing the programmed functions)


The machine will automatically stop if the registration mark is not located; if the material supply is depleted; or the preset quantity has been reached.


Photocell Registration Cutting for Ribbon


Here is the RX-200-SCL automatic hot knife cutting a printed ribbon with a logo. It is programmed to detect every third logo, find the leading edge of the third logo, and then index an additional length for knife positioning.


(The machine is running at approx. 50% speed)


The machine automatically stops if the registration mark is not located; if the material supply is depleted; or the preset quantity has been reached.

An optional 'air-assist' system is being used to help guide the ribbon through the knife.


Photo registration cutting of white logo on black ribbon

Splice Detection & Removal System


Do you cut life-critical webbing such as is used on seat-belts, safety harnesses or load-bearing slings? If so, you are probably aware of the extra cost involved with ensuring these spices do not find their way into your product. 

All RX-series strip cutting machines now have the built-in option of adding a splice detecting sensor to locate the splice as it is being measured. When the sensor detects a splice the machine will index it to the knife, cut the webbing, and then resume normal cut-to-length without counting the spliced part.

RX-105 Series Winding - Blocking Devices


Wind precut lengths of webbing into rolls with this simple table-top winding device. Variable speed DC motor drive with foot-pedal control is fast and simple. Winds rolls to 20" in diameter with the standard model. 

RX-105-305 for rolls up to 12" (31cm) diameter

RX-105-450 for rolls up to 20" (50cm) diameter

Model RX-105-XXX-C (not shown) uses an programmable counter which will measure webbing during winding and automatically stop at a preset length. Ideal for measuring and winding long lengths when used with a pneumatic hot knife.

Model RX-105-305 Small Table-top Winding Device

Model RX-105-450 Large Table-top Winding Device

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