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Hot Knives & Thermal Tools

We manufacture several dozen models of hot knives and hole punchers, with several hundred variations. If you have a general idea of what you are looking for, select from the general product categories below and click on the image to take you to the product page.

industrial hot knives, nylon cutter, webbing cutter
RX-80 Hot knives with Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA
5" / 128mm general purpose hot knives - our most popular models
5" & 8" Long Arm hot knives - for extra working space 
RX-84 Long arm hot knives for synthetic materials
sling cutting machine, sling cutter, webbing cutting
10", 13" & 16" Extra large hot knives for wide webbing
Shaped, rounded and "V" shaped knives 
ribbon cutter, v cutter, bow cutter, webbing cutting
RX-75 Thermal punch & press for melting holes
Hand-operated thermal hole & slot punch
Pneumatically-operated thermal hole & slot punch
RX-95 Series thermal pneumatic punches & presses
webbing cutting, webcutter, web cutting
Combination hot knife & hole punch
Pneumatically-operated multi-hole & slot punch
Pneumatic heavy-duty hot knife in 5", 8" & 10" 
Special-purpose hot knife for TUBULAR WEBBING
sleeve cutter, tubular webbing
rope cutter, rope hot knife, cord cutting machine, webbing cutting
Special-purpose hot knife for ROPE & CORD, cut & seal ends
Automatic Hot Knives & Guillotine Cutters (Strip Cutters)
strip cutter, strip cutting machine, webbing cutting

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