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Tubular Webbing and Sleeving Cutter

The RX-92 is a special purpose, manually-operated, and configurable hot knife for cutting and sealing tubular webbing and sleeving. This uniquely designed hot knife will pneumatically cut and seal synthetic tubular materials without closing the ends.

Insert webbing into the material opening, step on the foot pedal, and the machine will automatically cut, seal and open the webbing. The versatile design allows it to also function as a standard hot knife for non-tubular webbings with a small adjustment.  

Download RX-92 Tubular Sleeving Hot Knife product information here.

This model may be equipped with any of several controllers which regulate the temperature and timing of the cut. A fully automatic cut-to-length model is also available as the RX-240-SCT.

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tubular webbing, sleeve cutter, hot knife sealer, cut nylon sleeving
RX-92-SCT-DK 5"/130mm knife with digital/PID heater control

Digital/PID heat control maintains the knife temperature to a narrow range of 5 - 10° of the setpoint for precise melting and sealing. Dwell time is user-operated - step on the foot pedal for knife down; release the foot pedal for knife up. Available in 120V or 230V AC.

RX-92-SCT-TK 5"/130mm knife with preset dwell timer and digital/PID heat control

Knife temperature and cut dwell time is set on the controller for precise cut and seal cycle times as needed by the material. Temperature is set in °F or °C and cut dwell time is set by the analog timer control. Stepping on the foot pedal activates the cut cycle sequence. Emergency stop switch will interrupt the cut cycle. Available in 120V or 230V AC.

RX-92-SCT-TK 5" Hot Knife

for Tubular Webbing


The unique cutting process will cut, seal and open both ends of most types of tubular sleeving and webbing.
RX-240-SCT  Fully Automatic 5"/130mm hot knife for synthetic sleeving


The RX-240-SCT is a fully automatic table-top hot knife sleeving cutter equipped with a 5”/130mm hot knife and digital temperature controller.

It will automatically measure and cut-to-length both tubular or flat webbings. Program recipe settings can be saved to the built-in memory for future use.

The multi-function touchscreen control provides intuitive machine controls. Toggles easily between metric and English decimal measurement unit and dual range precision for accurately cutting both long and short length. The powerful and fast stepping motor measures with high precision. Pneumatically operated knife. Includes built-in fume extractor fan.

tubular sleeving, tubular webbinnylon sleeve cutter, cut seal nylon sleeving,

The RX-240-SCT Automatic 5" /130mm Hot Knife

for Tubular and Flat Webbings

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