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RX-84 Extra Wide Hot Knives

The RX-84 XL Series are general purpose extra-wide hot knives for cutting and sealing webbings and materials up to 10" (254mm), 13" (328mm), or 16" (400mm) wide. Extra-wide hot knives consist of multiple knives aligned end to end. They can be used for most hot knife applications, such as slings, tie downs and other wide synthetic materials. Heavy duty models can be used to cut materials up to approximately 3/4" (20mm) thick.

Download RX-84 Extra Wide Hot Knife brochure.

industrial hot knife, wide hot knife, sling hot knife
webbing cutter, sling webbing, nylon sling cutter
RX-84-SAN 10" Heavy-duty SS Hot Knife
10" (254mm) HOT KNIVES

A general purpose heavy-duty hot knife using two heavy-duty brass knives aligned end-to-end for cutting materials up to 10” (254mm) wide.   


A general purpose heavy-duty hot knife using two heavy-duty stainless steel knives aligned end-to-end for cutting materials up to 10” (254mm) wide.


A general purpose standard duty hot knife using two standard stainless steel knives aligned end-to-end for cutting materials up to 10” (254mm) wide. Designed to cut thin materials such as fabrics, ribbons and thin webbings up to 10 " (254mm) wide. 

RX-84-BAN 10" heavy-duty brass knife
cutting 8" nylon webbing

Brass knives vs. Stainless knives

What's the difference?

Knives that cut using heat must be able to efficiently transfer the thermal energy from the heater core to the knife edge. Brass is the most economical & efficient alloy for this purpose. However, being a relatively soft metal, brass will wear faster than a harder metal such as stainless steel. Stainless steel does not conduct heat as well and must therefore be operated at a higher temperature to do the same work as a brass knife. This uses more energy and may shorten heater life.

MATERIALS NOTICE: Most of these machines use thermal tooling made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any halogen compounds, such as PVC. Please contact us for alternate tooling options. Materials that contain any fluoride compounds should not be cut thermally on any models.

13" (33cm) HOT KNIVES


RX-84-SB0 Standard duty stainless steel knife using a 5" + 8" knife aligned end-to-end and is ideal for hot cutting ribbon, hook and loop, polypropylene webbing, and thin synthetic materials up to 13" (328mm) wide.

RX-84-BAO (brass) & RX-84-SAO (stainless)

RX-84-BAO is fitted with a 5" + 8" heavy duty brass knife for general purpose cutting and cutting and sealing thick materials up to 13" (328mm) wide. 

RX-84-SAO is similar but uses the heavy-duty stainless steel knife.

RX-84 13"/ 33cm heavy-duty hot knife for sling and lifting webbing
RX-84-BAO 13" Heavy-duty Hot Knife
large hot knife, webcutter, sling cutter, nylon hot knife


RX-84-SQP is a specially designed knife for cutting materials up to 16" (410mm) wide. It incorporates a single stainless steel blade for clean, contiguous cutting of synthetic materials up to 1/4" thick. Custom blades are also available upon request.



RX-84-BQP is a specially designed knife for cutting materials up to 16" (410mm) wide. Blades for this model are made to order for the materials to be cut. 

RX-84-BAP 16" Heavy-duty Hot Knife


RX-84-SBP is fitted with two X 8" standard duty stainless steel knives for general purpose knife for many applications up to 16" (400mm) wide. It is designed for cutting lightweight fabrics, ribbon and other synthetic materials.

RX-84-BAP Extra wide hot knife for sling & lift webbig
RX-84-SBP 16" Hot knife 
wide hot knife, large hot knife, sling cutter, heavy duty hot knife
Supplemental Safety Guards

Fit any of our industrial hot knives with optional stainless-steel safety guards.

RX-84-BAP with Optional Safety Guards

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