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Design Your Own Hot Knife

All of our Hot Knives are designed and constructed as modular systems which allow us to customize any machine quickly. We'll custom-design just for you from over 400 various combinations and configurations. See how we configure them here.

In addition to our hot knife cutters and spare parts, we can also offer components and assemblies for integrating into, or building your own, cutting equipment. These are broken into several general categories. Click the images below for more information.
webbing hot knife, nylon sealer, webbing sealing machine
Frames, Chasis and Base Assemblies


Start your project with a standard or customized frame assembly. Standard hinged frames are available in two sizes:

   - 6" x 12" (15cm x 30cm)  RX-80 Chassis

   - 3" x 24" (7.6cm x 61cm)  RX-84 Chassis

   - 4" x 24" (10cm x 61cm)   RX-84-XL Chassis

Pneumatic towers are also available in several sizes.

Other sizes are also available, hinged, slide or pneumatic.

custom hot knife, custom webbing cutter
specialty hot knives
webcutter long arm frame webbing cutter

Type R Standard Analog Controller

Type H Heavy-duty Analog Controller

Digital heat controller from NOVA TECH
Thermal Controllers

We offer several types of  heat controllers:

• Universal Heater Conrol (type R) - a general-purpose standard-duty used for operating incandescent only loads up to 1200W.  

• Universal Heater Conrol (type H) - a heavy-duty controller used for operating loads up to 2000W. 

• PID/digital (type D) - is used when fine temperature control and/or higher heating load is required. This type controls heating loads to 1200W and includes a type K thermocouple. 

• Dwell timer (type T) - with either digital or heavy duty analog heater control is used for controlling pneumatic cutting devices with an adjustable dwell timer.

All controllers are available in either 120V or 230V and can be fitted with the correct power  plug for any country.

Type D Digital Heat Controller

Heat controller with dwell timer from NOVA TECH

Type T Digital Heat - Analog Timer Controller

special hot knife, webbing sealer
Knife and Thermal Tooling Assemblies


Hot knife, hole punch, and thermal tooling assemblies can be adapted to your own devices. We offer dozens of knife and tooling assemblies with either 120V or 230V heaters.

Hot knives are available in 5" (128mm) and 8" (200mm) sizes, manufactured in highly conductive brass or durable stainless steel.

Hot knife assemblies (brass or stainless) can be configured to work with your equipment and are available in the following sizes:

  • 5" (128mm)

  • 8" (200mm)

  • 10" (254mm)

  • 13" (328mm)

  • 16" (400mm) 


We can also make custom knife and tooling assemblies to your specifications.

Design your own special hot knife from our worksheet.

Knives, Punches, Parts & Accessories

Select from individual components such as hot knives, heaters, punch and slot tooling, safety guards, foot pedals, and material holders.

We can also make custom knives and tooling to your specifications.

MATERIALS NOTICE: Some thermal tooling is made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any halogen compounds such as PVC. If your products contain any PVC compounds, please contact us for alternate tooling options.

Download the Accessories Brochure

hot hole punching, sealing punch

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