Rope and Cord Cutting & Sealing Machines

The uniquely designed hot knife on this model will cut rope and cord while sealing the ends in the specially sized slots on either side of the knife. All models are custom-made for up to three rope and cord diameters. Delivery time is normally 2 - 3 weeks.

Download RX-80-BCL Rope and Cord Hot Knife brochure here.

MATERIALS NOTICE: Many of these machines use thermal tooling made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any PVC compounds. Please contact us for alternate tooling options.

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hot knife, rope cutter, rope sealing, cord cutting machine
rope cutting hot knife, rope sealing, cord cutter,


Cut and seal rope and cords up to 3/4" (20mm) diameter with the model RX-80-BCL. This uniquely designed cutter has been specially designed with a multi-function knife/sealer that will cut and seal the ends of up to 4 different sizes of rope in a two-step process. The unique tooling eliminates the flared ends and creates a 3/8" (10mm) seal around the outside ends. Tooling is custom made and can usually ship in 1-2 days.


Please specify rope diameter sizes when ordering.

How it works
RX-80-BGL Heavy-duty Hot knife for large dia. rope


Cut and seal large diameter synthetic rope (up to 2" / 50mm) diameter with the model RX-80-BGL. The tall knife and large heater provides the extra thermal capacity to cut and seal with ease.


RX-80-SGL Heavy-duty Stainless steel Hot knife for large dia. rope


Cut and seal larger diameter synthetic rope (up to 2" / 50mm) diameter. The extra large knife and additional heater is designed to cut materials that contain PVC which is extremely corrosive to brass knives.


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Webcutter Hinges

Our hinges are one of the most important components of the Webcutter hot knife. They must allow free movement of the rotating knife without excess play for hundreds of thousands of cycles. These hinges have gone through several design improvements over the years, as shown below. To adjust them, note the video to the right of the hinge type.

Evolution of the Webcutter hinges from 1998 to present: