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RX-80 Basic   5" Hot Knives

If you are looking for an excellent general purpose, industrial hot knife - this is the place to start! The RX-80 series are general purpose models and are equipped with 5” (128mm) knives. These portable, table-top machines are used for most  general hot knife applications to cut all types of webbing, strap, seatbelt, luggage straps, leashes, elastic, rope, cord, hook and loop, and most synthetic materials. Choose from several different models below.

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webbing cutting, hot knife, webbing cutter, webbing sealer, wuhan virus
Webbing cutter, nylon cutter, paracord cutter, nylon burner

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RX-80-BAL   Our most popular (and most copied) model! A general purpose heavy-duty brass hot knife - suitable for cutting most synthetics and materials up to 3/4" (20mm) thick. Ideal for slings, seatbelt, cord, and most webbings, such as SCUBA gear, tactical gear, fall protection harness, and military products.


Lifetime warranty (what isn't copied)



RX-80-SAL   A general purpose heavy-duty stainless steel hot knife - suitable for most hot knife applications and materials up to 3/4" (20mm) thick. Ideal for seatbelt, cord, and most webbings, such as rifle slings, backpack straps, lifting slings, and pet products. 


Lifetime warranty.

Brass knives vs. Stainless knives

What's the difference?

Knives that cut using heat must be able to efficiently transfer the thermal energy from the heater core to the knife edge. Brass is the most economical & efficient alloy for this purpose. However, being a relatively soft metal, brass will wear faster than a harder metal such as stainless steel. Stainless steel does not conduct heat as well and must therefore be operated at a higher temperature to do the same work as a brass knife. This uses more energy and may shorten heater life.

MATERIALS NOTICE: Most of these machines use thermal tooling made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any halogen compounds, such as PVC. Please contact us for alternate tooling options. Materials that contain any fluoride compounds should not be cut thermally on any models.



RX-80-SBL This standard stainless steel hot knife is durable and ideal for many light-duty cutting applications. One of our most popular (and most copied) models!

Use for cutting lightweight nylon, polypropylene, ribbon and cord as used on packs, bags and hairbows.

Lifetime warranty.

RX-80-SBL Hot knife for ribbon and thin webbings
BDL hot knife, webcutter, seatbelt cutter, heat cutter


RX-80-BDL   The "original" RX-80 model first manufactured in 1998. A special-purpose, standard-duty brass knife for knife for many hot knife applications. The smaller angle on this knife edge, compared to the other models, slightly reduces the meltback, or "burr", typically formed when heat cutting.


Lifetime warranty.

Mechanical Cut Counter


Add a small mechanical cut counter to your RX-80 or RX-84 manual hot knife. This simple counter will index a count with every pull of the knife lever as shown in the brief video.

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