RX-100 Series General Purpose

Automatic Strip Cutting Machines

in  HOT  or  COLD  cutting

The NEW RX-100 Series is a compact, general-purpose, fully automatic, programmable strip cutting machine. They can be used for cutting to length many types of narrow fabrics, webbing, nylon strap, seatbelt, hook & loop, bindings, ribbon, cord, bungee, paracord, metal & plastic strips, welting, sleeving and more!

Electronic controls are available in two versions - Standard and Enhanced. The enhanced version offers the many additional built-in software functions such as photo- registration, one-shot, batch cut, joint detection, etc. 

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strip cutter, hot knife, strip cutting machine, webbing cutter, for tactical gear, paracord cutting
RX-100-SCL Automatic 5"/130mm Hot Knife Strip Cutter


The RX-100-SCL is a general purpose HOT KNIFE strip cutter. It is equipped to cut up to 5" / 130mm wide with a pneumatically operated knife. Standard features include a digital heat controller, built-in fume exhaust unit, adjustable knife speed, and motor speed controls, anti-jam function, and batch-cut function, and optional photo-registration cutting function.


Can be used to cut all types of synthetic webbing, ribbon, nylon & polyester strap, seatbelt, and velcro.

Includes table-top reel holder with discs.

Automatic hot knife strip cutter, 120V
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RX-100-GHL Automatic 6"/152mm Guillotine Strip Cutter

A fully automatic GUILLOTINE strip cutting machine.  It will measure and cut almost any type of synthetic material, from thin ribbon to heavy webbing, using a pneumatically operated guillotine (scissor cut). Ideal for hook & loop, film, strap, cord, tubing, foam, and natural fiber materials that do not melt.

Color touchscreen controls include all standard functions such as motor speed controls, knife speed, anti-jam, batch-cut, and photo-registration cutting with an optional photo-sensor.

Includes table-top reel holder with discs.

webbing cutter, hook loop cutter, velcro cutting, strap cutter, sheffield cutter
Automatic guillotine strip cutter, 120V
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Now available in Standard & Enhanced Models


The RX-100 series hot or cold cutting machines are equipped not only with the most advanced touchscreen programming, but ENHANCED models can be easily equipped to operate with optional devices such as a Foot Pedal Control (One-Shot) for cut-on-demand, air ionizer to prevent static electricity, air assisted feed and eject nozzles, automatic joint detection, or a photo-registration sensor for cutting printed materials.


All models include Metric/English conversion, two precision ranges (mm/cm or inches/feet), a standard 12"/30cm reel stand, heavy duty power cord, end of material sensor, and easily adjustable magnetic material guides. ENHANCED models include "Multiples" Programming, Batch Cutting, memory storage registers, and the ability to add marking devices. Hot knife models include a digital heater controller, and a cooling/exhaust fan to vent fumes created when cutting. Select 120V or 230V when ordering.

Best of all, ALL models include a 5-year warranty!


Automatic 5"/130mm fixed-angle hot knife

RX-100  Automatic Angle Cutting Hot Knife Strip Cutter!


We have added several new hot knife models to the RX-100 Series:

RX-100-AS1  Cuts up to 3 pieces of 1.5" webbing with 45° angled ends

RX-100-AS2  Cuts up to 3 pieces of 1.5" webbing with 42° angled ends

RX-100-AS3  Cuts up to 2 pieces of 2" webbing with angled and/or straight ends

         Standard features include:

• Fixed angle hot knife with multiple material guides

• high-speed stepping motor for length measurement

• enhanced, user-friendly touch-screen controls

• built-in fume extractor 

• quantity multiples (counts 2X and 3X when cutting multiple rolls)

• switches between metric & inches instantly with no loss of data

• full motor speed & acceleration controls for maximum precision or output

• several adjustable dwell timer settings for cutting, ejecting or jam-prevention

• available in 120V or 230V 

• FIVE YEAR warranty on workmanship

High-resolution Touchscreens!
Simple controls are used for programming, saving & troubleshooting.
(available in other languages upon request)
Watch the RX-100 Cutters run!
Automatic HOT KNIFE strip cutter
cutting 550 Paracord
Automatic HOT KNIFE strip cutter
cutting various types of webbing
RX-100-SCL-DEK Hot Knife
Cutting (and counting!) shock cord
in multiples of 3

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Webcutter Hinges

Our hinges are one of the most important components of the Webcutter hot knife. They must allow free movement of the rotating knife without excess play for hundreds of thousands of cycles. These hinges have gone through several design improvements over the years, as shown below. To adjust them, note the video to the right of the hinge type.

Evolution of the Webcutter hinges from 1998 to present: