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NEW RX-91 Series Pneumatically Operated Hot Knives

The NEW RX-91 series pneumatically operated hot knives now feature a built-in exhaust fan and open end for ease of use. These machines will cut and seal all types of synthetic materials, such as ribbon, webbing, strap, sling, cord, rope and hook and loop. Knife speed is controlled by adjustable metering valves. Knife temperature is regulated by any of several heat controllers. Choose from many different models, or create one of your own.  And still manufactured in the USA!​

Download the RX-91 Brochure

MATERIALS NOTICE: Some of these machines use thermal tooling made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any halogen compounds such as PVC. Please contact us for alternate tooling options.

pneumatic hot knife, heavy duty hot knife, webbing cutting machine

Pneumatically operated hot knives use compressed air to efficiently actuate the knife. These models include a foot pedal to keep both hands free for fast, efficient operation.

The NEW RX-91 Series now include

a built-in exhaust fume and cooling fan. 


Have a look:.

• Pull the webbing through the opening.


• Step on the foot pedal to cut.

• Webbing is cut and sealed!

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NEW!!  Model RX-91-SAL-RK

5" / 128mm heavy-duty stainless steel hot knife with exhaust fan



16” / 400mm pneumatically operated hot knife for cutting and sealing fabric panels. This model features a programmable cut dwell timer and built-in fume exhaust fan. Shown here cutting felt panels.

Set dwell time and temperature on the controller. Once hot, just step on the foot pedal to actuate the timed cutting process. 

Model RX-91-SBP-TK

16" / 400mm pneumatic hot knife with Dwell Timer Controller

and built in exhaust fan

RX-91-SAL-RK  /  RX-91-SAM-RK


An excellent general pupose hot knife for all types of materials. Heavy duty pneumatic 5" (128mm) SAL stainless knife with Universal (-RK) or Digital (-DK) Heat Controller - suitable for most hot knife applications and materials up to 3/4" (20mm) thick. Includes pneumatic foot pedal.

RX-91-SAL-RK  5" / 128mm heavy duty hot knife

RX-91-SAM-RK 8" / 200mm heavy-duty hot knife

May also be fitted with Digital temp control or Dwell timer control.


Model RX-91-SAL-RK

5" / 130mm hot knife with

Universal Temp Controller

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