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Special Products and Accessories

Our hot knives and thermal products are the most versatile tools available! Additional items such as safety guards, reel holders, and piece counters, for example, may be added to most models to enhance their usefulness. 

webbing cut seal machine, webbing cutting
Mechanical Cut Counter


Keep track of your production by adding a small mechanical cut counter to your RX-80 or RX-84 hot knife. This simple counter will index with every pull of the knife lever. Reset the count to zero by turning the dial.

Hot knife SAFETY GUARDS for 5" models
Supplemental Safety Side Guards


Perforated stainless steel side guards enhance safety and are mounted directly to the base plate. The material opening is normally 5/16" (8mm) to 3/8" (10mm) but can be made to any size as needed by plant or corporate safety regulations. Available for our 5", 8", 10" & 13" hot knife models.



Need custom-made stainless guards? Send us a drawing, photo or sketch for a quote!



Alignment Laser


Now available is a compact laser dot for assistance in aligning the work under a thermal punch or hot knife. These compact, affordable lasers are fully adjustable for a variety of applications. The small red laser dot is easily visible from all work angles and can be turned off if not needed. The sturdy aluminum adjustable thumb-screw mount is out of the way.

The laser can be used for aligning a single hole under the punch as shown in the photo, for accurately placing sequentially spaced holes, or creating an end stop for cutting to length.

These can be mounted on many of our manual hot knives, thermal punches and presses. 



R20A-050 Webbing & Ribbon Reel Holder



Free-standing webbing & ribbon reel holder will stand on the floor or table. Holds spools up to 10" wide and 15" in diameter. May be customized to your specifications. 



CUSTOM REEL STANDS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE! Send us your drawing, photo or sketch.

Shaped Knives
New and retrofit custom shaped hot knives and tooling assemblies.

Let us quote you for a custom-made shaped hot knife. Available in brass or stainless steel. Send us your drawing, photo, sketch, or samples.

Shaped brass knife for round ends
USAF Patch cutting thermal knife

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