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NOVA TECH is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, industrial hot knives, strip cutters, and automatic cut-to-length equipment. We are located in the beautiful hills of central Alamance County North Carolina - an area noted for its many textile and cotton mills of the 19th and 20th centuries.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of hot knives, webbing cutters, automatic strip cutting machines and associated equipment - with a focus on craftsmanship and product design. Our hot knife webbing cutters and cutting equipment can be used for cutting many types of materials such as webbing, rope, tapes, cord, elastic, zipper, braid, tubing, film, hose, ribbon, hook & loop, bungee cord, and all types of other narrow fabrics.

Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA and have very competitive warranties which reflect the quality and precision we build into every product. We are a 100% veteran-owned company. NOVA TECH stocks spare parts for all our products and we provide in-house electronic and mechanical repair services.

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NOVA TECH International, LLC

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Webcutter Hinges

Our hinges are one of the most important components of the Webcutter hot knife. They must allow free movement of the rotating knife without excess play for hundreds of thousands of cycles. These hinges have gone through several design improvements over the years, as shown below. To adjust them, note the video to the right of the hinge type.

Evolution of the Webcutter hinges from 1998 to present: