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RX-240 Series Heavy-duty Modular

Automatic Strip Cutting Machines

The RX-240 (formerly RX-250) series are fully automatic, heavy-duty configurable strip cutting machines. "Configurable" means YOU create the cutting machine most suitable for your requirements. Cutting modules available include straight hot knife, guillotine, tubular sleeving, fixed and alternating angle hot knives, shaped hot knife, and special purpose hot knives. Common configurable features of this cutting machine include:

  • Cutting module: size, shape and type of knife (hot (-SCL), cold (-GSL), tubular (-SCT)  straight, angle, pinking, shaped, etc.)

  • Feed direction: left to right (E), or right to left (W) 

  • Heavy-duty  (RX-240) or standard (RX-200) for ribbon and most webbings. 

  • Voltage requirements: (120V or 230V) including the power plug for use in any country

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA! You don't have to wait for technical service or spare parts from overseas to get your machine running again. Some manufacturer's illegally refuse to label their country of origin, so ASK.

  • Configurable, not off-the-shelf. Don't fit your requirements to what's in stock, we'll build exactly what you need!

  • Quality components - high-torque/high-precision stepper motors for accuracy and reliability that is unmatched in the industry.

  • Hot knife models include a built-in exhaust fan. No annoying or dangerous fumes.

  • Touchscreen includes either standard or enhanced software and functions. (Also available in other languages upon request.)

  • Versatile - toggle between inches and metric; motor speed settings, custom calibration settings, and program memory storage of jobs.  

  • A manufacturer's warranty that you can't find anywhere else.

  • Enhance features available: Photo-registration cutting (with optional photo-cell), Batch Cutting, Joint Detection & Removal, One-shot (with optional foot pedal).

  • A range of special options, add-ons and configurable features, such as automatic or semi-automatic operation, automatic marking, one-shot, stacklights, etc.

Many new model configurations will soon become available, including ultrasonic cutting, and automatic marking and cutting. 


See the demo video below or Download Product Information here.


strip cutter, hot knife strip cutter, automatic hot knife
A few of our popular models
auto webbing hot knife, auto strip cutting machine
(Gen. 2)
RX-240-SCL Automatic Heavy-duty Hot Knife Strip Cutter


The RX-240 is a general purpose and configurable Strip Cutting Machine made in the USA. Its flexible, configurable design means it may be equipped to cut hot or cold by simply changing the pneumatic cutting module.

High speed length measuring is accomplished using a powerful and accurate stepping motor. Program in metric or inches, short lengths or long (up to 300 ft). Designed primarily for heaving lift straps, seatbelt, slings, and harness straps. Automatic splice detection and removal is now standard (with optional sensor). Built in fume extractor removes dangerous fumes. 




RX-240-SCT Automatic Hot Knife for Tubular Webbing


This unique machine is designed to automatically measure, cut, seal, and open the ends of tubular webbing and sleeving up to 5" (130mm) wide. The specially designed tooling allows many types and sizes of tubular webbing to be accurately cut with a minimum length of 4" (100mm) and maximum length of 300 ft. (99m). Remove the special tooling and the machine will cut standard flat webbings and materials.

All RX-240 models now feature our new Gen 2 touchscreens (see below). 

A manually operated version is also available which can be later incorporated into the automatic model.

RX-240-SCT Tubular webbing cutter
touchscreen webbing cutter

NEW Gen. 2 Enhanced Touchscreen Design 

Tubular sleeving cut on the RX-240

Watch the RX-240 cutting 3" tubular webbing

(Patent Pending)

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