Beware of the Copy Cats!


We have been designing, manufacturing and marketing the finest industrial hot knives since 1998. Our designs are STILL the most versatile and the best value available. And still the most copied. 


We're genuinely flattered. 


Here is just one example of those cheap imitations available:

Here's an image of our 1999 Brochure 
Here's a screenshot from a Chinese website. 

Here you can see that not only was our product copied, but so was our ad copy and artwork! In this case we were able to prevail in a copyright complaint and Google blocked their English version website.


Ironically, we were first contacted by this Chinese company in 2008 with a 'kind offer' to produce our products in their factory at lower cost. We don't have a problem with Chinese companies in general, nor with the Chinese people. However, not only was this a blatant copyright infringement, it was done by pure deceit. Purchasing products made by companies like this not only perpetuates a culture of counterfeiting and piracy, but the money you save may eventually help to undermine your own products. Is it really worth it?

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Webcutter Hinges

Our hinges are one of the most important components of the Webcutter hot knife. They must allow free movement of the rotating knife without excess play for hundreds of thousands of cycles. These hinges have gone through several design improvements over the years, as shown below. To adjust them, note the video to the right of the hinge type.

Evolution of the Webcutter hinges from 1998 to present: