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Thermal Punch Tooling

Choose thermal punch tooling types and sizes from our standard sizes of round punches and oval slots. For ordering information click any image.

It is important to note that holes made in synthetic materials may not be the same size as the tooling. Some holes may finish slightly larger or smaller than the nominal size of the punch, depending on its thickness, material type, temperature setting, dwell time, and other factors. For this reason, we suggest you first send samples for testing if hole size is critical to your process.​​​

MATERIALS NOTICE: Most of these machines use thermal tooling made of brass alloy and cannot be used with materials that contain any halogen compounds such as PVC. Please contact us for alternate tooling options.


webbing hole punch, hole burner, hole sealing
Standard punch collet
Standard Size Punch Collets:  3/32" to 1/2" (2.4mm to 12.7mm)


Our standard punch collets are available in nominal diameter sizes from 3/32" to 1/2" in both solid and hollow. Nominal working depth is 1/2". These punch collets thread directly into heater blocks or collet tooling plates.


Solid punches are ideal for thinner materials and/or smaller holes in thick materials.  

See our Price List for item numbers, description and pricing.

Custom sizes are available in longer lengths if needed.

Standard Punch Collet Configuration

Oversized Punch Tooling and Circular Knives: 9/16" to 3" (14.3mm to 76mm)


Oversized punch tooling is available in nominal diameter sizes from 9/16" to 3.0" with a working depth of 1/2 to 3/4", depending on diameter. These typically fit to tooling plates and heater blocks with hex flat head screws. 

See our Price List for item numbers, description and pricing.

Custom sizes are available in longer lengths and mounting configurations if needed.

round punch tooling

Oversized Punch Tooling

Slot punch tooling
Standard Size Slot Punch Plates


Standard slot punch plates are designed to fit our -PS2 or -S33 heater block configurations. Though the oval sizes vary, the nominal working depth is 1/2" and are offered in sizes that are most popular. Many of these sizes are stocked for immediate shipping. Custom slots can be made to your specifications. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for custom tooling.

For slot punch pricing, sizes and item numbers see our Price List.

Slot Punch Plates

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