Instructional Videos for RX-80 Shaped Knives

We hope you will find these instructional videos helpful

using and adjusting your RX-80-S33, -S44, -V2S and other shaped knife models

RX-80-V2S  Single -V Hot Knife for Ribbon Cutting
 Set-up and Operation Video
How to adjust the RX-80-V2S
& RX-80-S33  shaped hot knives

Shaped hot knives cut best when they are properly aligned with the base plate of the cutting machine. There are two adjustments which can be made to the alignment: front-to-back, and side-to-side.


Be sure to throughly clean the base plate before attempting to adjust the knife. Ensure also that the knife is NOT HOT and the unit is UNPLUGGED before making these adjustments.


Original Hinge Adjustment
RX-80 & RX-84 Models
Type 1 Hinge Adjustment
(May 2017)

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Webcutter Hinges

Our hinges are one of the most important components of the Webcutter hot knife. They must allow free movement of the rotating knife without excess play for hundreds of thousands of cycles. These hinges have gone through several design improvements over the years, as shown below. To adjust them, note the video to the right of the hinge type.

Evolution of the Webcutter hinges from 1998 to present: