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Special Purpose Strip Cutting Machines

In addition to our general purpose strip cutters, we also manufacture special purpose strip cutting machines, uniquely designed for specific tasks.

  • "Quick-Lash" Strip cutter  -  RX-200-SV2

  • Truck Cover Webbing Marking machine  RX-200-190

  • Aramid Webbing Cutting Machine  RX-240-GAL

strip cutter, hot knife strip cutter, automatic hot knife
RX-200-SV2 Automatic Measure & Slitting Machine for "Quick-Lash" Webbing
The RX-200-SV2 is a special purpose cutting machine designed to put heat-sealed slits into webbing at a programmable distance with a thermal knife. Slit sizes can be changed from 1" - 2.5" long, and the spacing between the slits can be easily re-programmed into the cutting machine. Slits may be placed in the center of the webbing or off to the side.


Can be used to cut webbing, ribbon, strap, and velcro.

Automatic Quick-Lash Measure & Slitting Machine
RX-200-190 Automatic Measure & Marking Machine for Truck Cover Webbing
RX-200-190 Truck Cover WebMarking Machine

A fully automatic & programmable measuring and marking machine for webbing. Will measure and mark with a hot foil stamping device continuously. An optional winding machine will rewind the webbing. Mark color is determined by the color of the foil.

touchscreen webbing cutter

New GEN2 Touchscreens

User-Friendly • Functional • Programmable

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